Clients differ. So do their needs. That’s why we propose our customers a number of industry-standard development methodologies and cooperation models. Take a look at them and opt for the ones that fit best your requirements.

Development methodologies




Cooperation models

Dedicated team

  • Team integration;
  • No need to take care about administration and HR issues;
  • Full control over software development process remains in client’s hands;
  • Agile development cycle;
  • Possibility to change scope & time frame of a project;
  • Flexible size of a team and a possibility to receive assistance of another expert of our company;
  • A perfect fit for those companies that have strong in-house project management skills.

Fixed price

  • Fixed price & scope of a project;
  • Predefined time frame & budget;
  • Minimal risk level;
  • A perfect option for companies that have clearly defined and documented project requirements.

Time & Material

  • Transparent pricing policy based on hourly rate for work and materials used during the development;
  • Freedom to change scope & specifications of a project;
  • Team size and workload adjustments;
  • A convenient option in situations when a scope of work and project requirement are not easily determined.